The Fairy Project

Wild Nature Art Sculptures
Deborah Coffey

Wild Nature Art Sculptures by Deborah Coffey


The Fairy Project - About Image (Artemis)

I create Wild Nature Art to raise more critical awareness for saving our forests and all the beings that inhabit them.

This first collection calls attention to the magical world of fairies and the importance of creating safe places for them to rest and recharge - with our help, partnership and attention - so they can do their work.

I have had a life long passion for foraging in the woods; not only for wild herbs, edible greens and mushrooms but also for found, organic whimsical pieces for creating art! Foraging has connected my children, grandchildren and friends’ children to the wild fairy world.

This special edition of fairy cribs and fairy king chairs took a year to cure and create. I drew on my experience with Sangetsu Ikebana, Shaman and circle work, and my Saturday morning watercolor classes.

The materials are oak twigs, bearded moss, acorns, eucalyptus berries, rattlesnake grasses, wild vines, pepper berries, bird feathers, natural linen and plant papers, silk leaves, and whatever the fairies present to me on my hiking paths on any given day. The materials were found on Mt. Tamalpais, Hawk Hill, Cascade Falls, Old Mill Creek, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz mountains, the Kingdom of Bhutan, the side walks of San Rafael, outside my own front and back doors, Bloomingayles, Big Sur, the Yuba River, Nevada City, Grass Valley, and my neighbor Neil’s green bin.

I hope you enjoy the wonders of our precious wilderness and the ancient wisdom and important teachings that the fairies have to offer us.

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